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First for health and beauty. Leading suppliers of thermal infrared products. Promoting the positive therapeutic effects of far infrared rays. 80% of the suns rays come under the wavelength of ‘far infrared:. Often referred to as the ‘light of life’ for its importance to growth and nature, far infrared heat can be soothing, healing and energising. Our thermal products use the latest technologies to generate far infrared heat at the most beneficial wavelengths. We stock a range of infrared saunas blankets and clothing that allow people to invigorate with far infrared rays even on the darkest of days. Firzone ‘Harnessing the energy of the sun' 

Regular saunas could reduce the risk of dementia, new study finds. View text

BBC TV documentary demonstrates how taking saunas or hot baths burns calories and regulates blood sugar levels.

A pilot study on BBC's Trust me I'm a doctor shows how exposing the body to 40C for 60 minutes burns calories and regulates blood sugar levels.  The documentary also discusses "Heat shock protein" and its benefits to health. View text


Detoxification through perspiration. What the researchers say.

In 3 relatively recent studies (2012), Canadian researchers detected toxins in the sweat of participants. The studies reported that the toxins were not always evident in the blood and urine.  In all 3 studies, the researchers highlighted induced perspiration as a useful method for detoxifying the compounds. (For more details see Studies)

Source: Scientific World Journal 2012