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Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Product Code FZ-200
Stock Level 21
FIR Frequency 5-15 microns
Weight 10.000Kg

Portable infrared sauna blanket suitable for health and beauty purpose for professional or leisure use.

12 month warranty.

Fir stands for far infrared ray or radiation and is often referred to as the light of life for its importance in growth and nature. Around 80% of the suns rays fall within this spectrum of light. Far infrared heat is renowned for its energizing and deeply penetrative powers. The far infrared rays have deeper penetrative powers than other heat sources achieving 4-5cm depths within the body in a short time. When using the sauna blanket the head/brain is not heated. This allows sweating without overheating the bodies’ core temperature.


Functions and Features


- Advanced thermal heating system with integrated carbon fibre technology, producing FIR at the most beneficial frequencies to human health (5-15 microns)

- 360 degree full body coverage

- Precise digital control for time and temperature of session. Simple to operate.

- Automatic switch off of heat at the end of session

- Convenient to use and store

- Only 200 Watts input power making it inexpensive to operate

- Safe to use.  CE certified apparatus

- Comfortable, relaxing experience

- Ideal for spa use or home use

- Minimal EMF emissions 



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                    5                             15 microns


    Around 90% of far infrared rays emitted are within the 5- 15 micron range. This is the most effective range for human health. A recent FIR testing report  highlights how the FZ 200 blanket outperforms its competitors. Graphs from competitors show a larger proportion of rays outside the 5-15 micron range


Product Safety

CE complies with all european directives



Input volts:  220V~240V 50HZ


Output volts: DC36V 

Input power: 200 watts

Self-control temperature: 30~60℃

Timer: 5~95 minutes

Dimensions length 179cm, width 196cm

Combined weight of blanket and control box 6.7 kg



Please seek medical advice prior to use if you have a medical condition



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