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In a recent study (2012) published in Scientific World Journal, Canadian researchers evaluated the presence and elimination of phthalate compounds from the body. Phthalate compounds are chemicals found in everyday consumer packaging and have been linked to a number of health issues. The study analysed sweat, blood and urine of 20 individuals (10 healthy and 10 with health issues) for phthalate compounds and metabolites.  The chemical was found in all of the participants sweat but not always in the blood and urine.  The authors concluded that inducing perspiration would be a useful method for eliminating potentially toxic phthalate compounds.  And that sweat analysis may be helpful in establishing the existence of accrued phthalates toxins in the body (9) In a similar study involving 120 various compounds including toxic elements, the same authors reported that many toxic elements appeared to be preferentially excreted through sweat.  The authors presumed the toxins were stored in tissues (10)

BPA is a toxin associated with various households products.  It came under the spotlight in the 90’s for its possible seepage from plastic water bottles and food containers and having an adverse effect on human health and cells (11) In a recent study by Canadian researchers, the toxin showed up in the sweat of 16 out of 20 participants.  The toxin, however, didn’t show up in the blood and urine of all of these 16 positive participants.  Again the authors highlighted the potential of sweat analysis and induced perspiration for the testing and elimination of this toxic compound (12)

 Source: Scientific World Journal 2012


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