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Heated ankle support

Product Code HW-6612
FIR Frequency 5-15 microns
Weight 2.000Kg

Far infrared heated ankle support is available in AA battery version or lithium battery version

  • Dual FIR radiating technology :Carbon heating fabric plus tourmaline inner lining
  • Self heating aspect. Even when power is turned off, the bodies heat and energy is recycled
  • Cordless heating system
  • Retains heat
  • Deep penetrating heat to target pain source
  • Safe to use as voltage very low
  • Fully adjustable brace with velcro fastenings
  • Can be used directly over skin or clothing
  • Thermal neoprene spandex which gives support and insulation

Carbon heating fabric

The inner layer contains Carbon heating fabric which is attached to the power source. This fabric gives an even distribution of heat when batteries are on

Tourmaline Lining

The black inside lining contains small nodules of a tourmaline stone compound. Tourmaline stone is known for generating FIR and omitting healthy negative ions. Its commonly applied in Chinese medicine and crystal healing where its associated with pain relief, soothing of nerves and protection from negative energies including EMF (electro magnetic fields).  Tourmaline has also been reported to stimulate the activity of white blood cells.


Far infrared ray can dilate blood vessels, boost flow of oxygenated blood to tissues, reduce muscular stiffness, increase elasticity of connective tissues, promote healing processes and sooth nerves.Heat therapy is generally more suitably applied as a periodic treatment to chronic aches, pains and injury including arthritis.

Precautions Unsuitable for use over hot swollen joints/ fresh injury or areas of broken skin

Product is available with a battery pack for 4 AA batteries. (Batteries not supplied) at £28.00 or with a 1900 mAh lithium battery and charger £56.00 (battery and charger are supplied)



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