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Portable Infrared Sauna (Standard)

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Product Code FZ-100ST ISBN 5060209380001
Stock Level 20
FIR Frequency 5-15 microns
Weight 10.000Kg


Portable infrared sauna standard size (H 97 x L81x W68 cm). Ideal for home use for health and beauty purpose. Heats up quickly. Heating panels and footpad emit far infrared rays at the most beneficial wavelengths. Theres no steam involved. Sauna folds up for convenient storage.

Unlike some portable saunas on the market we don't use any synthetic coatings on heating panels, making our saunas suitable for those with multi chemical sensitivities or allergy to heated plastic

Fir stands for far infrared ray or radiation and is often referred to as the light of life for its importance in growth and nature. Around 80% of the suns rays fall within this spectrum of light. Far infrared heat is renowned for its energizing and deeply penetrative powers.

Using a FIR dry sauna is advantageous as far infrared rays tend to heat objects rather than the air in between. As a result sweating can occur at lower air temperatures than when using other kinds of sauna appliance such as steam. Dry FIR saunas are also convenient as there’s no need to worry about creating a damp humid environment.

The thermal effect of the FIR can accelerate metabolic processes including detoxification. It can also dilate blood vessels and improve the flow of oxygenated blood to tissues.


Functions and Features

The sauna has carbon fiber heating panels to the sides and back along with a heated footpad

Around 90 % of the FIR heat generated is within the 3 – 15 micron range. This is the most beneficial wavelength to human health as it matches that of human cells. Subsequently a process called ‘resonant absorption’ occurs which has a vibrating and energizing effect within cells when the thermal energy is absorbed.

With Far infrared heat, high perspiration levels can be achieved.

The sauna box quickly heats up to 55 c

The input power is 1000 watts, making it relatively low cost to operate

Convenient for storage and maintenance

Simple to use digital control for precise time and temperature of sessions 





Model                                        FZ -100  Standard                     FZ-100 Large

Voltage                                                         AC 220  -  240 v

Input power                                     1000 watts                              1000 watts

Internal temperature of sauna box                45 – 55 c   (1-5 levels)

Timer                                                                 5- 30 minutes

Size  (when in use)              97 cm  x 70cm x 80cm            103cm x 80cm x 84cm

Size  (when folded)               70cm x 13cm x 102cm           80cm x 14 cm x 105cm

Weight                                              10kg                                         11kg

Foot Heating Pad                                       auto temperature control.



 Accessories Included

  • Far infrared sauna box
  • Far infrared carbon fiber heating panels
  • Master controller unit
  • Handheld timer and heating level controller
  • Compact folding chair
  • FIR heated footpad
  • Foam floor mat



Convenience of Firzone portable sauna


Firzone portable sauna specification


Wavelength (microns)


 We use a reputable UK courier service with tracking facility and insurance. Supplied to English specification with manual and plug. CE approved apparatus. 12 month warranty

Product Safety

LVD CE TUV certification


ISBN 5060209380001



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Dear Firzone, I am writing to say Thank you for an excellent service and an excellent sauna. I bought this Infa red sauna a month ago and use it 4 to 5 times a week, after being diagnosed with a non malignant mediastinal mass a few months ago. I feel so much better and I feel that all the toxins are leaving my body.My husband and daughter uses it too.Many many thanks . Excellent product. (May 31 2016, 11:21 AM)
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