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Sauna belt (Blue) SB1


Product Code FZ-SB1B
Stock Level 38
FIR Frequency 5-15 microns
Weight 2.000Kg


FIR stands for far infrared ray or radiation. Far infrared is often referred to as the ‘light of life’ for its importance in growth and nature. Around 80% of the suns rays fall within this spectrum of light. Far infrared is renowned for its energizing and deeply penetrative powers. Researchers have highlighted how FIR can mobilize toxins and energize cells in a process called resonant absorption. The FZ – SB1 sauna belt has integrated advanced carbon fibre technology which recreates the far infrared rays at the most beneficial wavelengths to human health, making the FZ-SB1 the first choice sauna belt.

- Gain instant temporary slimming results with tissue compression and fluid reduction

- Help fight cellulite. According to some experts cellulite is caused by toxins. The far infrared heat can promote the cellular detox

- Increase blood flow and circulation. Japanese researchers say far-infrared heat brings about the dilation of blood vessels and reductions in the size of water molecules which improves circulation.

- Remove muscular stiffness and increase flexibility

- Treat lower back pain. The Far infrared heat can give temporary analgesic effect to painful areas

For slimming the FZ -SB1 sauna belt can be used on its own or in conjunction with spa therapies such as slimming oils to enhance permeability. With its highly penetrative powers, the belt can also achieve results when used over clothing. In all instances the user can tone the waistline  while just relaxing

The belt is also excellent for treating aches and pains particularly lower back ache. Far infrared products have been designed to optimize circulation and blood flow. There are 9 heat settings on the belt with a temperature range of 35- 60 C.


  • Easy and convenient to operate.
  • Precise time and temperature control with digital display
  • Advanced far infrared heating system for deeper tissue penetration
  • One size fits all (max 46 inches)

Suitable for 220- 240 volts power supply






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